Wednesday, January 21

A well stocked pantry

If you noticed that items in my shopping trips don't always match up with what I have planned for dinner that's because I use a lot of items from the pantry and freezer. Those items in my stockpile were bought for rock bottom prices, sometimes even free! If I can get something very cheap I buy a lot of it. Then use it over the next couple weeks and months.

For example, this week Giant Eagle has Quaker Oats on sale for $1, but after coupon it's FREE. I bought coupons off ebay ($3.50 for 20 coupons) and then I'll go stock up. When all is said and done I'll have 24 canisters of oats and only spent $4.50 for them. That will last us just over 1 year. Not a bad deal if I do say so myself.

Are you just dying to see what else is in my stockpile? Well it's your lucky day because I just took some pictures. Warning: they are a mess, it's my goal to organize them this week.

That's only about half my stockpile! Are you interested in learning more about stockpiling and saving money? There are some great resources here, here and here.


  1. OMG! Show me how to do this!!!

  2. These pics make me green with envy! You're a bargain/planning superstar :)