Wednesday, July 15

Target Run

I guess I wasn't really back last time. I'll try better. Today I was in desperate need of diapers (only 3 left in the house, and he was wearing one of them!) and cookies. Yes, I *needed* cookies...oh and Cascade. Because I have some awesome deal blogs in my reader (Money Saving Mom, Mommy Snacks, Stretching a Buck, Baby Cheapskate), I take a quick glance as they update and have a few deal scenarios running in the back of my mind. I knew Target had some good deals this week, so I checked the sites, printed the coupons, clipped a few and then headed out to shop. Here's what I got:

All for 26.26, plus I am getting a 10 rebate too! Total before coupons was 67.37. I bought 10 packages of cookies, 20 Sobe waters, 2 jumbo packs of diapers and 1 cascade all for 16.26. It should have been a dollar less because the cashier missed a coupon and I didn't catch it until I got home.