Monday, January 19

$50 Grocery Shopping

Here's what $50 bought last week:

Kroger - spent 15.50, saved 44.25

Meijer - spent 26.84, saved 45.80
Not pictured:
CVS (contact solution) spent 1.29, saved 7.59
Giant Eagle (deli ham) spent 3.25, saved 0.00
Grand total for the week: Spent 46.88, saved 97.64
*Note* I don't usually have so many transactions. I just wasn't very organized this week with grocery shopping. I also try to only shop one or two stores but last week many stores had good deals so I shopped around.


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  2. Did you use coupons or just the Kroger card? We do not have a Meijer in Arkansas. Thanks for the post!

  3. LaTonya-

    I use both my kroger card and paper coupons. I'll talk more about in the coming week. Maybe even tomorrow when I post my shopping trip for the week.


  4. Someday I need to get the hang of bargain shopping. Right now it seems that if there are bargains, I come out of whatever store I walk into having spent WAY too much money.