Sunday, February 1

Crazy Week

This has been a crazy week. First we had the snow, which lead to a snow day! Those are always fun when you're a grown-up with out any kiddos. I watched movies and organized my coupons all day. I wouldn't have been so lazy had I know what would happen next...

*pic removed*

We got our first foster care call in 8 months! Little R is doing well and will probably come home with us in a couple days. I have been very busy getting the house ready for a little one. Cleaning, laundry and visiting little R in the hospital. I'll keep you updated as we bring him home.

I really need to go grocery shopping. I didn't go last week except to pick up a few things (sorry, no pic). So this coming week should be a big shop.

*note: To protect little R's privacy I will removed the pic after a few days.*


  1. oh, so sweet! Thanks for sharing the pic while you can :) hope everything's going well!